Winterizing Your Arizona Pool

Winterizing your Arizona pool is not complicated, but it is the best time to ask yourself a few questions. Below, I have outlined a few items customers ask me about during our cool, and COLD months! The first question is easy and the most important.

Age of the Water: We never recommend draining your pool during the summer. If your pool water is 3-5 years old, it may be time to change it. While the pool is drained, this would be the best time for acid washing or chlorine wash. This is especially true for plaster pools.

Pool Motors: Again, 5 years on the pool pump is a good rule of thumb. Here in Central Arizona, we need to run our pumps longer than in other parts of the country. During the hot summers, an already hot motor takes on more stress. Also, during the winter, we can dial the pump timer back to not run as much.

Pool Repairs: Now is a good time to repair water pipes and valves that are leaking. Old valves that are hard to use should be changed.

Pool Filters: Pool filters that have cartridges should be on a schedule for maintenance cleaning. However, a Sand Filter is different. The sand stays. But, you guessed it, after 5 years the sand should be removed and replaced.

Landscaping: We are not a landscaping company, but your landscaping can directly affect your pool’s health and wallet. Fallen vegetation from grass, trees, and shrubs can wreak havoc on the health of your pool water. This organic material can cause algae and water that is unhealthy to swim in.

Winterizing your Arizona pool

Dave Darby

Sparkling Oasis Pool and Spa Service is a Phoenix area pool cleaning company. We are a team of dedicated professional pool repair and pool maintenance technicians. We are honest and reliable and enjoy keeping your pool or spa sparkling clean!

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