Pool Repair

We provide pool repair services throughout the Phoenix, Arizona region. From Buckeye, Arizona to Anthem and Sun City, we repair pools, fountains and spas. Our existing Pool Maintenance customers know they can count on us to keep their pool equipment running smoothly. The technicians at Sparkling Oasis Pool and Spa Service will let them know right away if there are any leaky pool pipes. If their pool pump needs to be replaced or refurbished, we can install a new variable speed pump. We will also advise them that there is a rebate from SRP and APS when installing a new variable speed pool pump.

Our pool repair services include providing and installing updated equipment. We change out the pool  and spa lighting bulbs. If the pool pump timers are no longer functioning properly, we replace them.Sparkling Oasis Pool and Spa_Pool Repair

Our pool repair services include installing salt systems when converting from a chlorine system. We also monitor the pool filter system and know when to change the sand in the sand filter. When cleaning the pool filter cartridges, we advise our customers when it is time to get new ones.

In the unfortunate event that you have discovered your Pool is Green with algae, call us right away at 602-363-0067. We will have the proper chemicals and related equipment to quickly get your green pool back to normal. We will monitor your pool water and let you know when you can enjoy your spa or pool again!

When meeting a new customer, our technicians will gladly review the existing pool equipment and make recommendations. We review all electrical components, pool pumps, pool pipes and filter systems to ensure optimum efficiency.

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