Running Your Pool Pump

Running your pool pump is essential to the health and cleanliness of your swimming pool water. With the extreme temperatures here in Central Arizona, it is important to adjust the run time of your pool pump.

As the temperatures soar in the summer, you want to Run Your Pump More Often! It is recommended to run the pump during the day. The sun is what causes chlorine depletion so it is better to run the pool pump when it is hot. Algae forms in hot standing water! If all safety precautions are met, running the pump while swimming can be beneficial.

The exact time can vary when running your pool pump. The type of pump and the size and shape of your pool are a few considerations. The popular recommendation is 1 hour per 10 degrees. A hot day in Phoenix at 115, the run time would be 15 hours. You certainly don’t want to over stress your pool equipment, however no one likes algae! In the winter months, a rule of thumb is 6-8 hours per day to keep your pool water clean.

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